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Enzan Ijuuin

Netbattle Prodigy

Ijuuin Enzan
19 January
((Roleplaying journal for avoria_academy. Mun is blueswhistle. Character is Ijuuin Enzan from the anime Rockman.exe, and non-spiffy icons will be replaced by spiffy ones when mun is less lazy.))

Character's full name (western style): Enzan Ijuuin
Anime/manga/video game that the character is from: Rockman.exe (anime)
What school year your character is going to be: College Freshman
Background info on your character : Enzan Ijuuin is the son of a wealthy businessman and vice-president of his father's company. He is well-known on his world as a famous Netbattler after having won the N1 Grand Prix several years back, and even before then had a strong reputation. He can seem cold and indifferent at times, but with the help of his former rival and current ally Netto Hikari, he's been warming up a fair bit.

Enzan has been through a lot, helping Netto in saving the world several times over. At one point he lost his Navi, Blues.exe, to a Dark Chip but later gained him back, making Enzan realize how much he values friendship and that Navis are not just data. He has been much better at making friends since then, although he is still able to be very professional and cool in tight situations.

To fit into the Avoria world, Enzan will have to lose his Cross Fusion ability.

Dorm: N/A, has his own apartment
Grade: 1st year college
General, with more advanced computer sciences courses

Blues info:

Blues was a NetNavi prior to arriving in Avoria. During the Avoria War event he was brought as a Navi in Enzan's PET to enable him to fight. If Avoria decides to let him remain afterwards, Blues will become human like all the other A.I.s in Avoria. As such, he will lose all his weapons and all special talents, enhanced senses/strength/speed/attacks etc. The only thing that he will possess still of being a Navi will be his armor and PET, which will function basically as a Blackberry. Blues will also retain slightly higher intelligence than a normal human, though nowhere near his normal calculatory and memory retention capabilities as an AI.

Backstory: Blues's life runs parallel to Enzan's, of course, from the point Enzan received Blues after his mother's death. There is one sole exception, that being the point where a Dark Chip turned Blues into Dark Blues, causing him to keep all his memories but almost entirely reverse his personality. Their friendship was only strengthened after they made it through this ordeal, and they have been closer than close since.
Personality: Blues is very loyal to Enzan and his closest friend. Due to the way their world works they are generally considered inseparable. He would never willingly leave his operator's side. He acts much like Enzan, serious and mature, but has been known to loosen up and even tease people. Their relationship is much like that of close brothers, with Blues as the elder.
Year: None; Civilian, and Enzan's caretaker/roommate.

[Series info is here: Rockman EXE Online.]